Private Mortgages

With Alan’s large network of private mortgage investors and mortgage investment corporations (MIC’s), he is able to source private capital quickly and solve problems. People find themselves in all sorts of unexpected situations that make accessing traditional “A” financing difficult. Divorce, illness, business/income interruptions, credit mismanagement, and numerous other situations people find themselves in can all be part of the reality of life. Alan is an expert at structuring deals, sourcing money, and solving problems in almost any situation, and does so in a non-judgmental and objective manner. While every situation is not possible to find a solution for, if a solution is possible, Alan will have it! Most private loan situations are short-term (6-12 months) and Alan works with his clients throughout the entire process from inception to payout, to get you back on track and into less expensive traditional financing at the earliest possible time.

If you have significant equity in your home or property and find yourself in a difficult situation, contact Alan as soon as possible to ensure all options remain open to you and fully explored.

Investors: Do you have funds on hand and wish to consider alternatives to mutual funds and other traditional investments? Are you tired of speculating in the stock market or having your hard earned money fluctuating based on the whims of market? Be a secured lender in Canadian Real Estate and provide solutions to people, earning much higher rates of interest than you can expect through any bank, credit union, or financial advisor. Many private mortgages are also RSP, LIRA, TFSA eligible and can be an excellent fixed income addition to an investment portfolio.

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