Private Mortgages

Alan leverages an extensive network of private mortgage investors and Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs), swiftly tapping into private capital to address urgent financial needs. Life presents unexpected challenges, hindering access to traditional “A” financing for individuals grappling with divorce, illness, income disruptions, credit setbacks, and various other situations. Adept at deal structuring and fund acquisition, Alan excels in resolving diverse financial issues with impartiality and expertise. Though not all situations have viable solutions, if one exists, Alan will uncover it. Typically short-term (6-12 months), private loan scenarios receive Alan’s and his team’s dedicated support from start to finish, guiding clients toward re-establishing stability and transitioning to more cost-effective traditional financing at the earliest opportunity.

For homeowners with substantial property equity facing adversity, reaching out to Alan promptly ensures a comprehensive exploration of available options, preserving financial pathways.

Investors seeking alternatives to conventional investments like mutual funds or stock market speculation can diversify by becoming secured lenders in Canadian Real Estate through Alan’s solutions. Earning notably higher interest rates than those offered by banks or financial advisors, these opportunities extend to many private mortgages eligible for RSP, LIRA, or TFSA inclusion, offering a stable fixed income for investment portfolios.