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To properly advise on qualification and product, a basic application is the best place to start, I have the following methods to collect this from you:
“Apply Now” over a secure web based application (10-15min.)
Arrange a phone apt. so information can be gathered directly over the phone (takes 10-15min.) “Contact”
Fill out attached Application Personal Financial Statement and Client Consent and email back:
*INSERT PDF DOCUMENTS HERE (application forms)
The following is the standard documentation that will eventually be required, while this can vary considerably among different type of transactions and situations, you can expect any lender to require the following:

Employee Standard Documentation
Employment Letter (name, position, start date, full time/permanent, salary amount, signed by manager/HR)
current pay statement
Most recent CRA Notice of Assessment and Statement of Account
Downpayment Verification
90 day bank history
Investment/RSP Statements
Gift Letter
Property tax statement (any real estate currently owned)
Mortgage Statement (any real estate currently owned)
Self-Employed/Business Owner Standard Documentation:

Last 2 years T1 General Tax Return (all pages)
Last 2 years Most recent CRA Notice of Assessment
Companies Office Documentation:
Business Registration (Sole Proprietors and Partnerships)
Central Share Register, Notice of Articles, Articles of Incorporation (Corporations)
2 Years Financial Statements (Notice to Reader) and/or T2 Corporate Tax Return
Most recent CRA Notice of Assessment and Statement of Account

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Purchase Mortgage
You need the help of a mortgage broker working in your best interests to make the right decision, and to access the best available terms and pricing in the country
Lowest Rates and Best Terms available in Canada
Save Time – Fast & Efficient Process
Expert Advice and Accessibility
Wholesale Broker Rates
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Buying real estate can be both a stressful and exhilarating experience. To minimize the former and ensure you get the best deal possible, it is imperative you have your financial affairs and documentation in order. Alan prefers to speak to clients well before any purchase agreement occurs so he can assist in the planning, early identification of any potential issues, and ultimately getting you “Pre-Approved”. This Pre-Approval process can help you understand your maximum purchase price, approximate payments, and get some of the critical supporting documentation out of the way so that you are able to negotiate a great deal, and obtain firm financing and closing in a timely fashion.
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Renew Mortgage

Many borrowers either wait too long, or simply sign their current mortgage lenders’ renewal, many times losing out on massive savings potential
No cost switch program
Negotiate better terms with your current lender
Canada’s best prepayment options
Expert Advice
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Unfortunately, when it comes time to a mortgage renewal, many people get busy or otherwise procrastinate planning for this significant financial event until it is too late. They usually just accept the lender/banks renewal offer, which is usually not as competitive as a wholesale broker rate would be, simply because it is easier. While ease and convenience are good things in general, they are not when they end up costing your thousands of dollars more in interest, or put you in a product that could potentially be very restrictive (ie. Prepayment Penalties). Mortgages are “Big Ticket” items and you could benefit tremendously by having Alan review your current financial situation, renewal offer, and discuss you short and long term housing plans. Who knows, he may simply get you a better rate at your bank, free of charge, if that is what is best for you. The key is to plan atleast 5 months before the maturity date as many lenders will hold a rate and Mortgage Commitment for up to 120 days, protecting you from rising interest rates during the negotiation process.

If your mortgage is coming up for maturity, don’t blindly take the banks offer without consulting with Alan first!


Mortgage Refinance
Refinancing can unlock valuable equity in your home, for a variety of purposes including:
Lower monthly payments
Renovations and home improvements
Consolidate credit cards
Investment purposes
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Due to credit tightening, the days of using your home as at ATM machine are unfortunately over. You can however still unlock up to 80% of the value of your home for a variety of purposes including debt consolidation, re-amortizing your mortgage with lower payments, and for investment purposes. If you have a great first mortgage and/or high prepayment penalties, sometimes a 2nd mortgage can also work well for these purposes as well. There are a lot of different scenarios and every situation is unique, Alan is able to thoroughly analyze your situation, make recommendations, and put the right products and solutions in place.

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Private Mortgages

Access to a wide array of private mortgage lenders and investors.

Non Bank Qualified – equity based lending
Foreclosures, Credit, and CRA Issues
Access home equity quickly
1rst and 2nd mortgages, flexible terms
Invest in Private Mortgages (TFSA & RSP Elgible)

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With Alan’s large network of private mortgage investors and mortgage investment corporations (MIC’s), he is able to source private capital quickly and solve problems. People find themselves in all sorts of unexpected situations that make accessing transitional “A” financing difficult. Divorce, illness, business/income interruptions, credit mismanagement, and numerous other situations people find them in can all be part of the reality of life. Alan is an expert at structuring deals, sourcing money, and solving problems in almost any situation, and does so in a non-judgmental and objective manner. While every situation is not possible to find a solution for, if a solution is possible, Alan will have it! Most private loan situations are short-term (6-12months) and Alan works with his clients throughout the entire process from inception to payout, to get you back on track and into less expensive traditional financing at the earliest possible time.

Investors: Do you have funds on hand and wish to consider alternatives to mutual funds and other traditional investments? Are you tired of speculating in the stock market and having your hard earned money fluctuating based on the whims of the stock market? Be a secured lender in Canadian Real Estate and provide solutions to people, earning much higher rates of interest than you can expect through any bank, credit union, or financial advisor.

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Alan has accumulated broad experience throughout 20+ year career in the financial industry. In addition to his many years directly in mortgage brokerage, he has held numerous employment and managerial positions with both a major bank and credit union in the areas of investment & financial planning, small business, and commercial banking. He has been involved in numerous business ventures and real estate investing. Alan thrives on meeting people and serving clients in helping them achieve their goals of home ownership, debt restructuring, as well as investors and business owners pursing income producing assets and commercial property. In short, he loves getting mortgage deals done for people and helping them through their significant financial, life, and investment decisions.
Verico Xeva Mortgage, of which Alan is proud to be associated with, is one of the country’s largest and most respected brokerages with 50+ Lender Partners, and a whopping $850,000,000/year (and growing) in mortgage origination! All of this equates to access to the best wholesale broker rates in the country, exclusive products, and discounts for clients that the smaller independent brokerages simply can’t compete with or access. In today’s tight credit market, lenders and banks want to associate with large reputable firms, that have the expertise, size, and market reach to get their money out effectively.
Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing to consolidate debt, seeking private capital, or are an investor or business owner interested in income producing properties and private mortgage investments consider reaching out to Alan in getting you the most competitive financing terms available, with one of the largest and most prominent mortgage broker networks in Canada.
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